Our expertise

VIGO’s lawyers have a recognized practice in criminal, civil and commercial litigation. As a result of this regular judicial practice, VIGO is also able to identify legal and judicial risks at an early stage and to assist its clients in the implementation of risk management tools.

VIGO also provides consulting services (in particular contractual or organisational).

Criminal law

VIGO advises and assists its clients whether they are accused, victims or merely involved, at all stages of criminal proceedings. For many years, VIGO has actively practised before the investigative and trial courts and is committed to providing the defence best suited to the needs of its clients (individuals or legal entities).

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Civil liability

VIGO assists its clients in matters asserting the liability of the perpetrator of damage/loss of any type or if third parties seek to hold them liable in connection with major industrial claims, damage related to defective and/or dangerous products and, in general, any breach of their business obligations.

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Commercial law

VIGO assists its clients to carry out transactions in connection with their mergers and acquisitions strategy.

It advises its clients in connection with disposals and equity investments (majority or minority stakes) and corporate restructurings (mergers, demergers, partial contributions of assets).

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Labour law

VIGO advises its clients in connection with individual employment relationships, including upstream of any proceedings in a preventive and informative context.

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CSR/Compliance Law

Drawing on its experience in criminal law, the VIGO Law Office is one of the first law firms to have developed specific expertise in the fields of compliance, risk prevention, governance and ethics, in order to assist its clients in dealing with the legal, judicial, ethical and reputational issues they now face.

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Sports law

VIGO has developed genuine expertise in assisting key stakeholders in the world of professional and associational sports (clubs, athletes, federations, commercial companies in the sports world, rights managers, broadcasters) to deal with the growing number of legal issues they encounter.

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