Criminal law

Specialisations :

  • Criminal business law
  • Ordinary criminal law
  • Criminal consumer Law
  • Criminal labour law
  • Criminal health law
  • Criminal tax law
  • Criminal environmental and urban planning law
  • International criminal law and human rights
  • Press law

VIGO advises and assists its clients whether they are accused, victims or merely involved, at all stages of criminal proceedings. For many years, VIGO has actively practised before the investigative and trial courts and is committed to providing the defence best suited to the needs of its clients (individuals or legal entities).

Drawing on its experience in this type of litigation, VIGO also offers its services well ahead of any proceedings in order to limit its clients’ exposure to criminal risk by conducting risk audits and, if necessary, by assisting them in setting up systems for delegating powers, good conduct charters, training programmes for officers, etc.

VIGO’s lawyers also provide activist criminal defence because they appear pro bono before national and international courts on behalf of individuals and NGOs who are victims of human rights or international criminal law violations.