CSR/Compliance Law

Specialisations :

  • Compliance work
  • Governance
  • Risk prevention
  • Internal investigations
  • Non-financial reporting
  • Ethics and CSR

Drawing on its experience in criminal law, the VIGO Law Office is one of the first law firms to have developed specific expertise in the fields of compliance, risk prevention, governance and ethics, in order to assist its clients in dealing with the legal, judicial, ethical and reputational issues they now face.

The firm’s lawyers provide day-to-day assistance to legal entities and their officers in preventing and managing the risks to which they are exposed, in France and abroad. The VIGO Law Office advises its clients on issues relating to compliance with national laws (including criminal law, the Sapin II Act, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the law on due diligence obligations) and international laws (including anti-money laundering and anti-corruption measures, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, etc.). The firm handles all aspects of compliance and/or CSR programmes :

  • Status reports
    • Compliance analysis
    • Risk mapping and audits
    • Implementation of policies, procedures, tools and codes of conduct
    • Implementation or review of delegations of authority, governance notes
    • Implementation of action plans, control and monitoring systems
    • Assistance with contractual relationships and third-party assessments
    • Training and awareness-raising
    • Internal investigations
    • Regulatory watch and non-financial reporting

Our vision

  • An operational approach to provide security for your activities depending on your needs and the challenges you face;
  • An approach in line with the culture of your organisation in order to promote a common and unifying vision internally;
  • A shared approach, to enable you to acquire independence over the long term.

Our customised methodology

The Vigo Law Office is persuaded that each entity faces specific challenges and, therefore, it offers several levels of service and a methodology that may be adjusted depending on the size, business sector or culture of its clients.

For each offer, our fees are discussed in advance and adjusted in line with the desired service approach.

Choosing the Vigo Law Office

  • Our professional secrecy obligation protects the confidentiality of our communications;
  • Our professional ethics and professional responsibility guarantee the quality of our work;
  • Our expertise offers you security for your business dealings in all areas of law (labour law, contract law, criminal law, personal data protection, etc.);
  • As the first ISO 26000-certified law firm, we set the same standards for ourselves.