Cybercrime and cybersecurity

Spécialités :

  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Infringement
  • Fraudulent access to IT systems
  • Hindering the proper operation of IT systems
  • Data breaches
  • Violations of the law on gambling and games of chance

Vigo has developed both legal and technical expertise enabling it to advise and assist individuals and companies in all aspects of cybercrime :

  • Embezzlement (in particular, CEO fraud or false funds transfer orders).
  • Identity theft on the internet (phishing, false profiles on social networks).
  • Invasion of privacy (breach of the confidentiality of electronic correspondence, infringement of likeness rights).
  • Trademark and copyright infringement.
  • Violations of the law on gambling and games of chance on the internet.

VIGO’s teams also have recognised expertise in the field of cybersecurity :

  • Fraudulent access to IT systems (hacking).
  • Hindering the proper functioning of websites, overloading sites (DoS attacks).
  • Unlawful interception of data (sniffer programmes), fraudulent alteration of data, etc.

Due to its expertise in criminal law and information technologies law, VIGO is equipped to provide its clients with specific assistance that takes into account the highly technical aspects of investigations :

  • Oversight of investigations carried out by specialised police units.
  • Collaboration and exchanges with IT experts and bailiffs in order to memorialise findings on the internet or on site.
  • Awareness-raising and risk prevention actions within the company.

VIGO has the necessary technical knowledge to grasp the issues facing its clients, as well as IT Departments and Information Systems Security Officers, and to discuss technical issues with the specialised units and magistrates in charge of the matter.

Vigo keeps close track of developments in the areas of cybercrime and personal data law.

In addition, our team regularly comments on these developments in a specialised blog entitled “Oh my code!”, which is hosted by Obs-Rue89.