Spécialités :

  • Criminal business law
  • Ordinary criminal law
  • Contractual and tort liability law
  • Mediation

Emmanuel MERCINIER-PANTALACCI has been a lawyer since 2004, was a Secretary of the pleading competition of the Paris Bar Association in 2009 (12th) and is, above all, a criminal lawyer.

In the field of criminal business law, he assists companies and their officers, whether suspects or victims, in matters involving criminal labour law, criminal stock market law, criminal tax law, criminal corporate law, criminal urban planning law, unintentional offences, etc.

In the area of ordinary criminal law, he has significant experience in proceedings involving both felonies and misdemeanours.

However, Emmanuel MERCINIER-PANTALACCI, who holds a post-graduate (DEA) degree in general private law (Panthéon-Assas University), is also proficient in the law of obligations and therefore frequently handles civil or commercial disputes, particularly involving contract law issues.
Due to this dual experience, he has developed particularly valuable expertise for cases that combine both civil and criminal aspects. His speciality is therefore dual and complementary.

This is crucial because criminal proceedings are frequently tied in parallel to proceedings before the civil, commercial or employment courts but, in addition, criminal litigation or pre-litigation matters themselves have immediate contractual implications: the commission of a criminal offence within the company raises the question of civil action involving, whether as claimant or defendant, the legal entity, its governing bodies, employees, staff representatives, advisors, statutory auditors, defence associations, etc.

Moreover, Emmanuel MERCINIER-PANTALACCI is persuaded of the merits of alternative dispute resolution methods and practises mediation, both as a lawyer and a mediator. He is an accredited mediator before the Paris Court of Appeal, a mediator certified and accredited by the Paris Mediation and Arbitration Centre (CMAP) and ESCP Europe, and is a mediator accredited by the National Council of Bar Associations.

He regularly teaches courses in criminal law and criminal procedure in the continuing education programme for lawyers of the Paris Bar Association (Campus) and the Lawyer Training Programme of the Bar Associations of the Paris Court of Appeal (EFB). In addition, he is a member of the jury for the entrance examination at the Bar School (IEJ of Paris Sud University) and a member of the jury for the Sciences Po end-of-studies oral examination (IEP Paris).