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Professional network

Our law office relies on a network of experts abroad in order to adjust as much as possible to our customers’ needs.

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The Team

<a href="">Christine CARPENTIER</a>


Partner lawyer

Christine Carpentier negotiates and drafts the contracts required to carry out industrial projects, particularly in the field of renewable energy (wind, solar).
She is a specialist in contractual and tort liability and also represents clients in litigation involving issues of industrial risks, the environment, insurance law and strict liability (in particular, in asbestos-related litigation).

<a href=" ">Emmanuel DAOUD</a>

Emmanuel DAOUD

Partner lawyer

Emmanuel Daoud specialises in criminal law (corporate and ordinary criminal law) and compliance. He also practices in the areas of cybercrime, personal data protection and sports law.
Emmanuel Daoud is particularly active in the fields of international criminal law and human rights, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.
Lastly, Emmanuel Daoud has developed expertise in the field of combating terrorism, particularly in light of the legislative arsenal adopted in this area in recent years, and focuses on the implications of these new laws for fundamental rights and freedoms.

<a href="">Julie FERRARI</a>


Partner lawyer

Julie Ferrari practices labour and criminal law (criminal business law, criminal health law and criminal labour law).
She also has expertise in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), particularly in the areas of labour law and criminal law.

<a href="">Julien CHEVAL</a>


Partner lawyer

Julien Cheval specialises in business litigation, commercial distribution law and the law of companies in difficulty. His extensive knowledge of civil business law enables him to provide his clients with effective advice in the drafting and negotiation of contracts, based on his extensive litigation experience. He also practices in the field of sports law. Due to his experience in all types of pre-litigation and economic litigation, he is particularly attentive to legislative and case law developments, both substantive and procedural aspects.

<a href="">Emmanuel MERCINIER</a>


Partner lawyer

Emmanuel Mercinier-Pantalacci has been a lawyer since 2004, was a Secretary of the pleading competition of the Paris Bar Association in 2009 (12th) and is, above all, a criminal lawyer.
In the field of criminal business law, he assists companies and their officers, whether suspects or victims, in matters involving criminal labour law, criminal stock market law, criminal tax law, criminal corporate law, criminal urban planning law, unintentional offences, etc.
In the area of ordinary criminal law, he has significant experience in proceedings involving both felonies and misdemeanours.

<a href="">César GHRÉNASSIA</a>


Partner lawyer

César Ghrenassia has been a member of the Paris Bar since 2008. He was Secretary of the pleading competition of the Paris Bar in 2010, and he has been a partner of the VIGO Law Office since 2016.
César Ghrenassia practices mainly in the fields of general and special criminal law, including criminal business law and press law.

<a href="">Imane BELLO</a>



Imane Bello mainly advises on digital criminal law, personal data protection, compliance and artificial intelligence systems (governance, risk management and ethics). She also intervenes in intellectual property law

<a href="">Caroline BOYER</a>

Caroline BOYER


Caroline Boyer practices mainly in the fields of criminal business law, general criminal law and press law.

<a href="">Dalia BOUDJELLAL</a>



Dalia Boudjellal specialises in Compliance and risk prevention, International criminal law and Aliens Law.

<a href="">Marine DOISY</a>

Marine DOISY


Marine DOISY specializes mainly in criminal law, compliance and data protection law.

<a href="">Margot FONTAINE</a>



Margot Fontaine specialises in criminal business law and ordinary criminal law, as well as in civil and commercial litigation.

<a href="">Christine GENDRE</a>

Christine GENDRE


Christine Gendre specialises in civil and commercial disputes, as well as in strict liability (in particular, asbestos-related litigation).
She also practices in the field of sports law.

<a href="">Adélaïde JACQUIN</a>

Adélaïde JACQUIN


Adélaïde Jacquin specialises in criminal business law and ordinary criminal law.

<a href="ée-kleiman/">Aimée KLEIMAN</a>



Aimée Kleiman practices primarily in the fields of criminal business law, compliance and civil and commercial litigation.

<a href="">Abdelwahab</a><br />
<a href="">LAHLOU</a>



Abdelwahab Lahlou specialises in civil and commercial litigation, as well as the law of companies in difficulty and directors and officers liability.

<a href="">Clarisse LE CORRE</a>

Clarisse LE CORRE


Clarisse Le Corre practices primarily in the fields of general criminal law and criminal business law, and specialises in the prevention of criminal risk for legal entities and their officers, in particular through risk audits and the implementation of delegations of powers and internal alert and compliance procedures.

<a href="">Hugo</a><br />
<a href="">PARTOUCHE</a>



Hugo Partouche practices primarily in the fields of general criminal and business law.

<a href="">Marie PERRAULT</a>



Marie Perrault specialised in white collar crime and compliance.

<a href="">Julien ROELENS</a>



Julien Roelens specialises in ordinary and corporate criminal law. His field of expertise also covers all areas of civil and commercial litigation.

<a href="">Valentin RIGAMONTI</a>



Valentin Rigamonti focuses his practice on criminal litigation matters, with particular emphasis on white collar crime. He also handles commercial and civil litigations.


Criminal law

We provide advice and assistance to clients involved in any stage of criminal proceedings, whether they are defendants, victims or simply involved. Our lawyers have been particularly active in preliminary investigations and in court proceedings for a number of years and we strive to provide the most appropriate defence possible to our clients, whether individuals or corporations.

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Civil liability

We defend the interests of our clients in cases where their liability is called into play. This includes cases involving major industrial accidents, the use of hazardous substances (asbestos etc.), defective products and, more generally, any and all breaches of professional obligations.

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Business law

VIGO assists its clients through the implementation of operations related to their development strategy. The firm participates in equity participation (majority or minority), corporate restructuring (mergers, partial asset), in LBO and private equity transactions, as well as the establishment of partnership agreement or joint ventures.

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Labour law

We advise our clients on individual working relations, even prior to any procedure, as prevention or for informational purposes.
We also assist them in front of the relevant jurisdictions in labour or social law, in the first instance or in appeal.

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CSR law / Compliance

VIGO has developed a recognized competency on compliance matters, that includes corporate governance and risk prevention, in line with the regulatory burden that weights on companies and their leaders.

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Sport law

We provide expert assistance to leading figures from the world of sport acting at both professional and association level (clubs, individuals, leagues, federations, commercial businesses involved in rights, distributors etc.) who currently face a growing number of legal problems.

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In tune with the new odds linked to technological evolution, that have disrupted existing work methods and the running of companies (social networks, geolocalisation, the internet, cell phones, etc.), VIGO supports its clients with all cybercriminality and cybersecurity matters.

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Personal Data Privacy

In tune with the new odds linked to technological evolution, that have disrupted existing work methods and the running of companies (social networks, geolocalisation, the internet, cell phones, etc.), VIGO supports its clients with all personal data privacy matters.

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