VIGO specialises in litigation involving the liability of companies and the persons who act on their behalf and is fully aware that the best method for handling criminal risk (and its consequences, i.e. reputational risk and the risk of civil liability) is to prevent its occurrence in the first place. It has therefore developed valuable expertise in designing and implementing training for company managers.

VIGO thus offers training to officers and executives of companies of all sizes, as well as to public authorities, to provide them with the legal knowledge and culture required to understand the issues in relation to the commission of offences, both in terms of risk prevention and risk management.

These training courses cover general criminal law (criminal liability of legal entities and officers, unintentional offences, public criminal law), special criminal law (study of such offences directly in connection with the company’s business or the nature of the public authority) and criminal procedure (arrest and detention, searches, investigations, etc.).

The firm’s lawyers, who have been providing these training courses for many years, have acquired solid experience in these fields because they have long taught courses in institutions such as the National School for the Judiciary, the Bar Association Lawyer Training Programmes and the Paris Bar Association (Campus), as well as to lawyers and in-house counsel through seminars organised in partnership with legal publishers (Ateliers Omnidroit, etc.).

Our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities


As a training provider, VIGO is registered with the regional labour inspectorate (DIRECCTE) under No. 11754897475.

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